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the promotion of will, self-determination + critical expression


w.d. floyd

is a Chicago based multidisciplinary practitioner. With over 10 years of experience as an educator and developmental practitioner, his body of work focuses on the exploration and utilization of cultural assets as a means to promote self-determination. w.d believes that real change comes from empowering others with the agency to shape their existence.

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Therefore, he promotes critical consciousness and the obtainment of creative and technical skill sets as a means to promote will, self-determination, and critical expression.


A major focus of w.d’s practice utilizes photography as a means to document Black culture on the west and south sides of Chicago. He believes in the collaborative practice of street portraitures and its ability to grant him the opportunities to celebrate an existence that has contributed greatly to his development.  His work is grounded in the desire to illuminate the dignity of those who have traditionally been framed through a lens of degradation. The thinking which derives from his lived experience greatly informs his concept of beauty and originality .



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